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January 29, 2014


Sexual Cannibal Spiders May Have Poor Impulse Control

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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I saw Poor Impluse Control open for the Sexual Cannibal Spiders.

There. Got that joke out of the way.


They're not bad spiders, they just make poor choices.

*Considerin' a paraphrase of an Uncle Ted quote ... still werkin' on werd choices ...*

In the meantime ...

"Wowser! Cougar Spiders! Spider Cougars? ... um ... mebbe if the guy would bring candy & flowers? ... nah ... I got nuthin' ..."

Male funnel-web spiders, for example, use pheromones to knock females unconscious before mating.
And yet when I do that they call it "a felony".

"They...mated with males who were high quality"

What constitutes a "high quality" spider?

Allen - one that doesn't constantly peruse the web for p0rn.

I hadn't heard much from Chad Johnson this NFL season. This may explain why.

"Wouldn’t the female be better off mating with a male?"
Well, that pretty much summed up my main question as a teen.
I've handled thousands of wolf spiders without a single bite. But I know how to handle wolf spiders. Big disclaimer.
For those in Florida, as I am: go out at night in the grass with a flashlight. Shine the beam into the grass by pointing in the direction your eyes look. See all those blue-green jewels in the grass?
Those are wolf spiders looking in your direction.

I saw Poor Impulse Control open for Rush. The warmup act was Widespread Panic.

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