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January 28, 2014


University offers course on Jay Z and Kanye West's relationship

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I've slept through courses more interesting than that.

Nice way to kill rap - make it into a college course, and give the Grammy to a white dude.

"high-er educashun"

Annie, there were two white dudes...need glasses?

(Well I do. Make it two filled with Sangrias, please..)

AS if student's didn't have enough mindless cr@p to fill their heads...

They keep spelling rap wrong. it starts with a C

- extra credit:

How is
'Keeping up with the Kardashians'
different from
'Knocking Up the Kardashians' ?

I thought they were both into women?



What up wid dat?

Maybe I'm calming down. I used to execrate the whole hip hop thing, but then I reflected: how many 15-year-old yoofs are listening to King Crimson right now? (Cranks up the volume on Islands.)

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