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January 29, 2014


Cops surprised by bag of snakes left on Brooklyn sidewalk

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Sssssnork @ CSSSSSI.

Another useful euphemism: The whole thing's a huge bag o' snakes.

Another useful euphenism: Do you know where your Monty's are?

Imagine thinking you're saving a baby and finding snakes....
Sort of like my mom felt when she gave birth to my sister the attorney.

My sister became an attorney, too. Then she discovered that SOME of the people who wanted her representation were the type that NEEDED a lawyer.
So, now she's a Librarian, only not the kind in that show.

Send them to Washington.

Wait, redundant.

Weiner and Spitzer and Grimm. Oh, my.

" Snakes on a Sidewalk "... opening nationwide 1/29.

So that is where FoxNews Heros Hannity/Rushbo, and the crying guy have got to?

I saw Bag of Snakes warming up for Gentle Giant back in '73. Helluva show.

That's kind of a dog-bites-man headline. "Cops 'completely expected' bag of snakes left on Brooklyn sidewalk" would have got me reading.

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