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January 30, 2014


Suspect in downtown shooting being treated for self-inflicted wound to testicles

(Thanks to Wolverine)


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Armed robbery of someone he knew in his apartment complex was the SMARTEST thing he did that evening.

Forget the gun part for a second. What kind of idiot robs his neighbor? You have to figure the victim knows where you live.
I know! I know!
The kind that shoots his winkie off?

... um ... Life is like a box o' chawkalits ... sumtimes ya gets the nuts ...

he shoulda been lifting weights with it....

queensbee - maybe that's who pulled the trigger. Couldn't stand being attached to a d!ckhead dumb enough to try to rob a neighbor.

Hence, testicular suicide, which makes him a Darwin award runner-up.

And there's a hush in the arena. Is he going for it? Yes! He is!

Ahem. Oh, ballocks.

And the crowd goes wild!

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