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January 15, 2014


Two men robbed of their marijuana in Westlake after practicing medieval swordfighting

(Thanks to Sean Collins)


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I saw Stoned Idiots With Swords open for El Cid Compeador back in 1094.The Reconquista tour bus took a wrong turn on the way to Lérida, and ...

Weird times on Earth.

This would never have happened if they'd been fighting at a proieval level.

What say you, scoundrels?

We're looking' fer some herb, man.

Do ye jest?

Serious, man. We hear you got killer bud.

Verily, it is sworn that no man in this realm can best my wares!

Show what you got, man.

I shall indeed, but know also that I shall exact a significant sum, four score to be precise, to part with this treasure.

Right, yo, hand it over, dude *sprays, grabs, runs*

Knaves, varlots, and totally uncool.

Dept of Accuracy in Reporting (from the posted 'comments' on the story):

we didnt call [the police] -.-
this dude flat out lied about so much in this story..

*snork* @ Meanie
"Don't bogarteth the fragrant skunkgrass, Sir Dude, lest I cast you about the noggin with my vorpal sword!"

Meanie,Annie, you need to squeeze a 'perchance' in there.

*Thanketh the Lady Where-but-here, Royal Duchess of Bloggingshire, Keeper of the Palace Garden's Most ExcellentCalibur grade of Botanicals, and Smitetress of the Commoners*

Somebody's trippin'.



"To dream. [long pause] To buzz. (sigh) No more doeth the aroma of
intoxicating fragrance burnith on the rolled papers."

"Dude, wake up. Our lawyer's here..."

BTW, Wasn't Wozniak one of Barney Miller''s cops? Did he quit the force tomove to OHIO?

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