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January 30, 2014


Gossiping benefits society, study claims

(Thanks to Loudmouth, who says "That's not what I heard.")


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You know what I heard? I heard the Dean told Dr. Feinberg that if he didn't publish his study this quarter, he'd have to teach the freshman classes next year.

This is not really "news" (or "gnus") ... Kathleen Norris described the benefits of (positively oriented) gossip in "Dakota: A Spiritual Geography" ... y'all might consider it fer enightenmentalness purposocityism ...

Gossip is being convicted without trial on the basis of perjured testimony.

♫ Ooh, I bet you're wond'rin' how I knew
that your favorite color shirt is blue
and that you looove uranus jokes
Cars that can fly and naked folks
-'a Book, you wrote??" Surprise"! I must say
when I found out yesterday
Don'tcha know that I
Read it on the blogvine
'We're all OK who like to drink wine'!
Read it on the blogvine
'Sum ting wong'? no everyThing's fine!
Read it on the blogvine
'Bauer's back! & jack is divine' <3
Oh I read it on the blogvine
Many people really lose their minds
funny, Funny, yeah . . .

There's a career for ligirl out there somewhere.

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