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January 31, 2014


Drunk man mistakes police officer for stripper, gets arrested

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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My rule of thumb...always check the name tag first. If it says anything other than Officer Nasty, assume the worst.

Even then, Gargoyle - be careful.

Well, if they wore a slightly more official looking hat ... And lost that silly checkerboard pattern.

Sometimes you don't need more than the headline, you can see the whole rest of the story, can't you?

Hey, if I had a dollar for every time this happened...

If I had a dollar for every time I've had to bail Jeff Meyerson out of jail because something like this happened.......

Don't bail him out, nursecindy. He needs to learn his lesson.

they need a comma in the first line after England

Thanks, cindy! You're a real friend.

Yes, Jeff, but NC will pick you up in the wax-mo-bile.

Ms. Flukey I was thinking about picking him up in the Weiner Mobile but that just seemed wrong.

This would never happen to Kojak.

But did he get a lap dance before he was cuffed?

Jeff is correct. "Drunk man mistakes police officer for stripper" is really a non-story along the lines of "Dog Bites man". Wake me when a "Drunk Cop mistakes Dog for Stripper" or something...

Drunk dog mistakes ...

Hmmm. Drawing a blank.

Drunk stripper mistakes...

on the next Maury Povich!

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