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January 31, 2014


Coming March 4th:

Dave Barry on Parenting and Other Topics He Knows Very Little About

A brilliantly funny exploration of the twin mysteries of parenthood and families from the Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times–bestselling author

Learn more at DaveBarry.com

  9780399165948_You_Can_Date_Boys_When_You're_Forty (1)


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Forty what?

Anyway, congratulations!

Heck ... I shoulda wrote a book like that ... bein' older than Dave, there's more that I don't know about all that stuff, than whut he doesn't know ... y'know?

My little girls are both in their 30s and married, but I'll still buy the book to see where I went wrong.

Nice blue shirt, Dave.

I'm afraid I'll miss the Upper West Side signing but I am in South Florida...

Congrats on your first book, Dave!

But you will be arrested if you date boys when you're forty.

What, no Austin TX? But we have BBQ, and crooked politicians, and crazy traffic, and lots of, uh, pollen...

And no Pennsylvania tour stops? I wanted to bring my daughters and embarrass them.

It's an ad for blue shirts, right ?

According to AP Style guidelines, shouldn't "Forty" be "40?"

just kidding...keep clams and carrion.

How is everyone reviewing this book when it doesn't even come out until March? If they've got the roads cleared by then I will probably go to the Atlanta book signing. Last year I not only got to meet Dave but his very nice brother, Phil, too!

Seven words.

Arranged marriage agreement with one of Dustin Bieber's offspring.

Actually nine.

So she can date girls until then?

Gee, that's what I told my son.

Dave wrote a book?

Having a nice guy like Dave on the cover is fine. But that title takes on a whole new creepy meaning if you featured, say, Michael Jackson.

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