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January 30, 2014


10 Reasons To Lift Weights With Your Vagina

(Thanks to Rich Steurer)


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You had me at the orgasm one.

I saw Strong Pelvic Floor open for ... um ... um ... nevermind ...

"10.Never need your man to open that pickle jar again."

♬ Come on baby, let's do the twist. ♫

"The FDA requires that we inform all our restaurant patrons that no jar of pickles in this establishment was opened vaginally."

Federally Required Warning: This vagina can open pickle jars. Proceed with caution. And mind your pickle.

butt doesn't lifting weights get you ripped ?

Don't forget to stretch!

Do you need a spotter?

If it can open pickle jars, with a little practice, I bet you can also replace your veg-o-matic with a ....yeah, that.

Not an activity to list on your Match.com profile.

This is terrible and funny. Now the woman is so interested when she is on top of the guy but so disinterested when he is on top of her so she looks at her cell phone.

The weights would have to be really small don't ya think?

I'll be the spotter.

Considering the great tutorial the video presents, I'd send a link to any of my old HS teachers if any were still alive.

I don't know what could be fina...

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