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December 20, 2013


A Perth woman who drank bottled water containing semen is suing the deli owner who sold the water and whose DNA matched the sperm.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb, who observes, quote, "Ewwww.")


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Do NOT try the "Special" at whatever business this guy operates today.


1. He should have the equipment used in manufacture of the contaminant removed (cut his balls off).
2. What happened to her was terrible, but she is clearing the table with one shot. Not every ill is attributable to one cause-unless you allow it.
3. Yuck.

Water with added flavor no doubt. Not funny to people expecting just water. I drink beer because it tastes good once in awhile

To quote the old Hamms Beer commercial - It's the Water, and a lot more!

(Now I've got the "Hamms, the beer refreshes" jingle stuck as an earwig)

Quote: " ... "I thought 'oh my gosh ... "

I'd be willin' to wager that's not quite an exact quote ... merely sayin' ...

*PB ... it wuz " ... the beer refreshING ..." ... & now I'll be hummin' that tune fer the rest of the day ... hmmmmmmmmmmm ... wonderin' if there's any of that 30-pack of Hamm's left in the cupboard ... OH!, BTW ... Hamm's is no longer 'Brewed in the Land of Sky-Blue Waters' ... blame Milwaukee, nowadays ...*

"a bottle of Pump water" heh. I mean, eww.

From the Land of Sky-Blue Wa-aa-ters (wa-aa-ters)
From the land of Pine Trees...
Lofty Balsams..
Comes the Beer Refreshing...
Hamms -- the Beer Refreshing...

Good lord....has that been clogging up my memory bank all these years? No wonder I can't remember my address.

Betsy ... ya gotta know, that underlyin' drumbeat (quasi-supposedly-American-Indian-rhythm) wuz part of made that ad campaign werk ... lose the drums, lose the earwig ...

... Ba-daba-BAM!

The headline alone is enough to make me want to bleach my entire G. I. tract.

I blame global warming.

Vitamin water...

At least she'll know who the father is when she gets the next bit of news.

O the U...I especially like the version where the drumbeat is rendered by the Hamm's Bear a-stompin' and a-log rollin'

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