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December 29, 2013


So here's a photo taken by this blog's daughter-in-law, Laura Barry, on a whale-watching trip Friday off the coast of Maui. Beneath the tail is a whale roughly the size of a Best Buy.

Laura's whale photo



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Laura, encourage your father-in-law to *finally* write a book in 2014!

Also, to quote from a random Star Trek movie, "there be whales here!"

200 Ton test and a spinner.

Daughter-in-law? So when's this blog gonna be a Grandblogger?

Don't be silly padraig. Robby is still only about 10 years old isn't he? I was worried the Blog was going to knock a tree down with his face while skiing in Aspen. I didn't even think to worry that he would get eaten by a whale.

Nice piece of tail.

My comment vanished!!!! What the..duck?

Cool. Looks interesting. My most interesting thing that I experienced for 2013 was actually meeting the one and only Dave Barry. I can now scratch it off my bucket list.

But not as big as a Walmart? I guess we're ok for a while, yet.

I have recipes! Basic rule of thumb is 15 minutes per pound at 375*. Stuffing should be cooked separately.

Dave, Don't Get Too Close!.

WARNING - gross video (but cool if you can stand it).

*snork* at manual tomaato. Does Mepps make a 5 footer?

Theresa -- me too! I'd post the photo but I don't know how. Next on my list is Stephen King.

Not only did I meet Dave this year, I hugged him too. Yeah, that's right, I hugged the Blog. He hardly screamed at all.


It's the weirdness magnet beckoning, of course. Don't fight it, sir. You are drawn as the lemming to the edge of the towering cliff, as the mouse to the Monterey jack lying atop a cold savage spring, as the lonely wolf to the moon emerging from the clouds. Even now, the faint sounds of jackasses handing their beers to gaping onlookers, of precinct photographers recording the stupefied faces of the incoherent, the indecent, and the inebriate, of violent clashes between friends, lovers and strangers over who should have the last cigarette/pickle/beer/word carry across distant land and endless sea crying out for your attention.

It is the Magnet, and you are naught but iron filings.

Jeff, are you trying to get judi fired?

In other news, Hawai'i is still awesome. I'm going to figure out how to afford to move there one of these days.

Just got back from spending 2 weeks in Hawaii - great picture of the sparkling blue water! My sister-in-law actually went whale watching in Maui on Tuesday and saw many whales....apparently it's prime mating season, so they're gathering in the warm water.

There is a grandbaby due in June. I know this for a fact. So this blog will, indeed, be a grandblogger in 2014, padraig.

... um ... whut MtB said ... yeah ...

I think Dave will be able to get 3 or 4 columns out of the photo since it's tale of a whale...

I see this ICD-10 Code:
Diagnosis Code W56.2
Contact with orca
•W56.2 is not a specific ICD-10-CM diagnosis code and cannot be used to indicate a medical diagnosis.
Applicable To •Contact with killer whale

Just in case. I'm not sure what the code is for contact with non-orca whales

Megawhale versus Planktonsaurus

Not really much like a BestBuy, unless it tried to sell you a service contract

(or did it?)

Maui wowee

That picture is just a fluke.

Make it Rain ~ Are you calling me a whale? :)

Melville also referenced Best Buy in his chapter - 'The Wideness of the Whale.'

Dave should credit his sources. ;)

Dear Ms. Flukey, I would NEVER cast such an aspersion. Please forgive me, no offense was intended.

I was kicked out of the Whalen Gallery in Honolulu for making the same joke. You would think I'd learn....

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