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December 31, 2013


Dolphins ‘deliberately get high’ on puffer fish nerve toxins by carefully chewing and passing them around

(Thanks to Ken Fineberg)


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Dude - why do you think they call them 'puffer' fish?

Remember not to Bogart that puffer fish...

"The documentary makers used spy cameras hidden in fake turtles, fish and squid to film 900 hours of footage showing dolphins in their natural habitats."

The Wild Kingdom's NSA.

Some of the new animal treats available at the Denver Zoo include: Meowy Wowie, Sharkbark, Mountain High Lionweed, Cougar Sugar, Tortoise Porchgiggle, Whatatuska Thunderstruck and Flippin' Flippy Flipper.

JG beat me to it. I picture a dolphin on a big chopper with an American flag helmet and a big rendition of "BORN TO BE WILD" by Stepanwolf. Maybe a sidekick frog with the name of Hopper......

Finally an explanation for that senseless racket Flipper was always making.

Clank: "What's that Flipper? Timmy's in the well? No? What? Oooh, Timmy's in the weed!"

Note that these were "young dolphins." You have to expect some puffer fish experimentation at that age.

Whoa, dude! You hear that? *thunk* *thunk*

That's my beak!

It is all fun and games til someone humps the turtle

The shark's a narc.

After they pass around the puffer fish, they get the munchies and scarf on Goldfish.

So Flipper didn't really live "in a world full of wonder,flying there-under, under the sea!"

He was just stoned.

Which explains a lot; like that water flipping thing, and also floating on his side while laughing.

We should have seen the telltale signs.

Colorado. Legalization. Bears. This is going to end badly.

The Park Service is already putting up new signage:
Do not turn on the wildlife.

Omni..you forgot the rest of the sign:

Or the wildlife will turn on you.

This was every Saturday night in my old college dorm...we'd sit around sharing 'puffer'....stories...

Turn on, tune in, chase tasty tourists.

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