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December 26, 2013


Why it's nearly impossible to castrate a hippo.

(Please note that Discreet Penis WBAGNFARB)

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Key quote:
castrated males were harassed more by females

We're going to need a new verse.

Off Topic:
A good advice - DO NOT make eye contact when eating a banana.

Trust me - it gets awkward.

- "the animals spend most of their time in a pool of water packed with feces"

- so to say they have morals would be hippocritical

Is that where we get bowling balls from?

Because no one wants to play with the Horny Horny Hippo game...

I think it would be easier to do it like they did in Greece - put them in boxes.

They'll probably curse a bit, but no worries - that's where the Hippocratic oath comes from.

I saw The Castrated Hippos open for The Sex Pistols.

Seminal show.

It's all in the balance of nature. We read here constantly about people with indiscreet penises, so ...

I'm not sure, if I were in that line of work, whether I'd want the anesthetic for me or the hippo.

Meh, nuts to you guys.


Someone out there is going to take this as a challenge: "'Impossible? Ha! I'll show them!'"

(What's Richard Branson up to this week?)

Were I in that line of work, I'm pretty sure I would need as much anesthetic as the hippo.

i saw hippopotamus anesthesia open for the scooting testicles.

A difficult operation, but on a bright note, the ACA Silver Plan covers it.

Presumably it is so very difficult primarily because the hippos are not exactly in favor of it.

Here, hold my beer and watch this...

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