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December 20, 2013


Mayor Rob Ford has been filmed dancing in the Toronto City Council to songs including Bob Marley's 'One Love'.

(Thanks to Monique)


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"Jump in de line, rock your body in time ...

Ho-Kay, I believe you!"

I'm not gonna look at the video unless somebody reliably tells me that he's dancing with Chris Christie. I could no more avoid looking at that than I could avoid looking at a pileup of a Hummer, a Lamborghini, and a pimped out Escalade. Which would be about the same gross weight.

Or, if it was actually a limbo contest. Some things demand to be seen.

He's going to have a stroke, any day now.

A stroke might be a comfort. I think he's heading for some big hurt at home.

Makes me want to try crack. Not.

He does a great moonwalk to "Copacabana."

The man is a walking Jerry Springer season.

He DOES seem to keep the spirit of Christmas all year.
At least the office party part.

Ruining reggae for the rest of us.

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