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December 16, 2013


Amazing photo of severed hand surgically attached to an ankle

("Thanks" to DaninTustin)


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I'm sure the guy appreciated the doctor's giving him a hand.


Remember to tip your waitress

Must've been tricky putting on socks...for a couple of reasons.


Yes, Dave. Lie down. Nap a little.

*readies needle & thread*

I thought it said "severed HEAD." That would have been much more impressive.

A grand illustration of the often-maligned quote, "the end justifies the means." Good trade, I'd say.

The medical profession recognizes the need for us to grab our ankles faster than ever before.

I am not going to look at that link and you can't make me so there!

You know that nagging itch on the bottom of your foot that you can't quite reach?

You know when you bobble something, and you reach for it but don't quite catch it in time?

Problem solved.

I refuse to look at that photo, and you can't make me.

This would have been a huge help to John Wayne Bobbitt.

Yeah, Bobbitt could have picked up his severed member without bending over if'd he'd had this.

I have been informed that this is known as a "Chinese hand job".

- been doin' handstands ever since

Also not looking............

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