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December 30, 2013


Man runs through Bingo hall with pants down, screams 'Bingo'

(Thanks to coscolo and DaninTustin)


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House rules at some establishments require dropping trouser when calling Bingo -- it cuts down on falsies

And he wins an all-expenses-paid trip downtown!

Apparently he didn't know this was a "cover all".

A classic case of Freudian bingo-envy.

He's lucky nobody beat him to death with their walker.

well - what else should he shout?? Fire?

"We have a wiener!!"

In Florida, that is what is known as "Tuesday."

How did he run with his pants down?

so was it horizontal or vertical ?

Sigh. You laypeople just don't understand the marketing profession.

Sounds like a viable Viagra commercial script.

Well, what's he gonna yell? "Gin!"?

So, playing by the Florida Rules?

From the UPI version of the story:

"It hasn’t been confirmed whether he actually had a Bingo."

down southways that is reason [unreason] to shoot his wang off.

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