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December 20, 2013


Could an Octopus Really Be Terrorizing Oklahoma's Lakes?

(Thanks to Another Ralph)



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Oklahoma has lakes??

More likely it's the Pets.com sock puppet.

Oklahoma: Cultural Center of The Universe

Stock ponds, Wolfie ... bulldoze dirt across a creek or stream, cattle have drinkin' water ... throw in an octopus, mebbe a few sharks, some catfish ... and call it a lake ...

Oh yeah, THOSE lakes.
I did live in Okie-homa for 10 years but it's a very forgettable place....

Fresh water octopus. Now THEM's good eatin'!

My memories of fishing on Tenkiller involve a LOT of alcohol. Suppose that could be involved?


Boomer Sooner.

Don't ya'll mess with our Big Red octopus.


Padraig, there are no freshwater octopus/

♬O-O-O-O-O-kla-*gurgle* ...♫


them big catfish love the flounderin drunks, suck um down whole they do.

The octopussies in Oklahoma are in the sky.

They suck.

Elon, them extinct ones are the tastiest. Fresh-water octopus and spotted owl fritters for dinner!

Armed & dangerous.

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