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December 21, 2013


Alligators becoming the new pit bulls for drug dealers

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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"Lay down that that gator and lie face down on the floor. Rick, you cuff him."


Crocodiles made a bid for the contract, but they wanted an arm and a leg.

I would have chosen orcas. Much bigger, smarter than gators.

Crackodiles are better. They never sleep.

Miami Vice redux.

Little " G "... for gator, I suppose. Clever. Shows the schools aren't failing entirely.

Good. A pit bull will be loyal to its owner no matter how big a d-bag he is. But with a gator, it's always "sooner or later."

Sleep well, scumbags, and hope that the gator doesn't consider crystal meth to be a nice condiment.

Hmmm, it's probably easier to make owning an alligator illegal than owning a pitbull, and the alligators might eat the drug dealers. If I were a big fan of alligators, I'd worry that they might get sick eating drug dealers, but I'm not.

Ah, gators are so 2013. All the hip druggies around here are heavily into naked mole rats now. They're not fierce, but they're damn ugly. Creeps out the cops when they kick the door down, and in the confusion the perps slip out the door, disguised as zebras.

Best wishes all -- I got a great present, myself: a "No changes" pet scan! You'll have to put up with me for another year.

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