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December 21, 2013


How do you get a bobcat out of your window blinds?

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I don't know how I would get a bobcat out of my window blinds but I have a tabby named Ozzie that loves to do the same thing. I usually just grab him and then give him a very stern talking to. This may not work with a bobcat. It doesn't work all that well with Ozzie either.

I thought MIT mathematicians had already solved this problem.

Another Florida drivers license... Oh wait. Different kind of bobcat.

Obviously. Social Sciences went out with break dancing.

Hurray for the Mounties!

The same method works for cutting the ropes off of a lady tied to the train tracks.

Release the kraken.

Bobcats are minor problems for the Mounties. They've been known to lasso Bighorn Sheep and Taser moose.

Reality show - A Canadian Mountie in Miami. Like McCloud, only with gators.

You tape two broomsticks together with duct tape and then beat the bobcat to deat..oh, The RSPCA says I am not allowed to complete this post .

So ... it wuz a blind bobcat ... ?

Mebbe a seeing-eye dog would've helped?

A mathematician would be content with knowing the solution exists.

This could never have happened in Alaska. The trooper or APD officer would have reached for their gun. That is their solution for everything. Glad the wild creature is still out there.

Duck tape. It, as Dave has said, can do anything.

But on the other hand, what an interesting conversation piece if you duct-taped the bobcat in there permanently..

either way, it might be a little dangerous...

Maybe the blinds didn't go with the décor.
Cats are fussy that way.

Annie ...

Cats are fussy EVERY way ... merely sayin' ...

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