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December 30, 2013


 A surgeon has been suspended by a British hospital following news reports that he branded his initials on a patient’s liver.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Nice to see a doctor proud of his work.

Live and let liver.

Are the boob surgeons signing their work, because this bloglit would like to see.

The Kidney Stone on the upper east side makes a great liver brander. The Cointreau and live brine shrimps really make the difference.

Just saving the best part for dinner.

At least he didn't eat it with a nice Chianti.

It's really more of a Cabernet organ.

Will be a requirement in next phase of Obamacare.

From the old TV western Branded:

He plead innocent,
But the charge was true.
Soon the AMA would know...

Marked with your surgeon's name...
Who else could see livers branded?
Is he just plain insane?

*saves PirateBoy a seat on the geezer bus*

That's gonna leave a mark.

Especially if the doctor's name is Mark.

Hmm. An "internal investigation"?

WBA OK NFARB. I'm thinking something metal where the optimum experience is being heavily drugged, and the initial instruments just reach deep into you. Probably there's all kinds of spurting blood and bright lights, and they wear masks along with their high unusual livery.


Anything lower than a liver brander? Yes - a toe tattooer.

It'll prevent liver rustlers.

Might be worse. He could be playing around with one of the nurses and carve their initials into it.

Tagging is a more humane way. Of course, he could have marked it like a dog does his territory.

Dave's right, there is nothing lower. This is definitely the wurst.

I'm trying to figure out how anyone knew about it. Some sort of Quality Assurance program where they select random patients after surgery and open them up again to check all their organs?

There must be 50 ways to love your liver.

Tattooed liver?! Worst!

how did they find out? and snork @ ralph.

max, drones in the Op Room, and now that we know, we will bring our own drones to hover over the Op., and send a live feed to NBC, [do they still exist?]

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