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December 18, 2013


Maryland woman packs whopping 277 Christmas trees inside her home

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

These were not just trees: These were whopping trees. 


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How will Snta know which tree to put the gifts near?

That's a lot of trees to decorate. Bronnor's and Always Christmas would like that

I bet Dongmie Wang didn't picture this, either.

And she has a cat for every tree.

If there are eight "whopping" trees in the bathroom, how does she get in there? Or does she use the litter box?

Too bad she drives a Chevy, otherwise she'd be pining for the fjords....

I really hope there aren't any squirrels hiding in those trees.

*urk/oig @ PB's ... foistage of punniness ..*

There's a medical patch for that but it's applied over the wallet.

We're gonna need a bigger living room.

Weren't the Whopping Trees major players in Harry Potter, Book Seventeen, Chapter XXXIV, Verses 1 - 62? Or am I thinking of the Wizard of Oz?

I need MapQuest for my Wizarding World...

In all fairness, the tune to the Maryland state song is/was/used to be O Tannenbaum.

Here you go Betsy.

is she single?

next year a tree will be replacing her hubby. get out NOW, while you still can!

Jan...Thank you! "Whomping", of course! Nothing at all like "whopping" - totally different species.

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