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December 30, 2013


The function was organized by Anal No Pumlo Tallo Lusuh, (Committee on Anal Customary Law) and hosted by Anal Naga Chiefs’ Association Chakpikarong Sub- division.

This has been The News From Sadar Hills.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Glad to see the important speaker from Thumdang made it up to the Anal function.

' - in his speech noted on the beautiful and unique custom that the Anal Tribe is endowed with and urged the people to have the dignity of labour, to be faithful, hopeful and loving.'

what an inspiration - despite being the butt of many jokes, they know it's better to give than to receive

"Rev Sr. Onesima Anal dedicated the book while speaking as the Administrator of the releasing function."

That speech must've been a doozy.

Everybody Rung Chang tonight!

Uranus makes the news yet again.

Another plug for the Anal Association?

Butt wait, there's more....

the oral teachings will make your day,


the anals make your hole weak

Also on that site:

Two bodies found; homicide suspected

Anal Law. Females front to back, males back to front. It's an exit, not an entrance.

The law is a ass.

Anthropologically speaking, the Anal people are:

A) related to the Kuki people
B) part of the umbrella Kuki linguistic group
C) actually the Kuki themselves

Show your work.

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