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December 17, 2013


A Longford pig farmer has been sent to jail for a year after he forced two repossession men to strip naked and get into a pen with an agitated boar.

(Thanks to wjra)

We saw Agitated Boar open for the Ramones.


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There's a reason you have someone strip before getting into a pigpen.

Belt buckles, shoes and buttons can agitate a pig's digestive tract.

Don't ask me how I know that. :)

Half of my family is Irish and the other half is Scottish. I could totally see the Scottish half doing something like this. The Irish half would have been cheering them on.

The charge was cruelty to animals.

Ah, me people.

This is of course where the phrase "Let's give 'em a Longford welcome" comes from. Or will have come from, once I manage to use it a few times.

bacon strips ?

In a small room with an excited Irish Bore?
Shoot me now.
A pig?
Shoot me now.

well don't leave us hanging, what happened?

Did the boar enjoy his two new grlfriends properly....

Did someone squeeeaaal like a pig, this stuff writes itself!

Send that pig farmer to Washington.

My blog has found a new spokesman.

I says to him, Donal, me lad, it don't matter a lick if the pigs're dirty. Y' can't keep on puttin' them in the damned washer! The agitator agitates the poor little sods, and they get all ugly about it. And he says "But Da, they're already ugly", and ...

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