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December 17, 2013


Yoga With Your Dog

(Thanks to Loudmouth, who says "Meditative leg humping will be sooo soothing.")


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My dog must have invented the pose 'Downward Dog', since he does it ever chance he gets.

I wonder if you can do this with cats?

You can "...connect with your dog’s breath,?"
As much as I loved Joe, he had a lifelong case of Dragon's breath.

I tried "Franticly Barking Dog", but I just got swatted with a newspaper.

What next... Tai Chi...?

Yoga for What???
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There is yoga for doggies, I swear—
Caught a canine-filled class on the air;
Watched the owners and pets
Stretch and pose in their sweats—
Cosmic moolah they must have to spare.

Yoga For What???

Tai Chi-huahua.

I already do this without paying for a class. My dog calls it, "Rub my belly until your hands are numb."

Next: shih tzu kung fu?

So in my yupified PDX hood, we have a Dog Hotel, they are building a Dog Gym and
I am thinking it is time for a Dog Whorehouse, right.... Bitch.....

I'm studying to become a dog divorce attorney.

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