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December 03, 2013


Man Grows a Spectacular Cat-Themed Mustache for Movember


(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch, who says, "That's right, ladies, he's single.")


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Ladies, I bet he's single!

I could do something similar with a whole herd of cats wrapping around my torso. I *could*. But that doesn't mean I should or would.

My sister has a pit bull just dying to meet this man and his mocat.

If it's up to me he will stay single! JD, please don't.

At least the creativity stopped above his waist...

Is the kitty peering down at a couple of hairballs?

No, furrrrther down.

He was probably proud he has hair and could grow this.

Bleach, lots of eye and brain bleach.

Hey Annie! How ya be?

And am I the only one who detects the use of the "Magic Powder that Makes Bald Guys Look Like They Have Additional Hair"???

We have a cat that sometimes positions himself thusly beneath my chin. Usually, he stretches out a paw in suggestion that I pull it.

You might wanna get that looked at.

What can you do
After an Einstein tattoo?
Why, grow a cattail
And a chest-pussy, too.

I HAD to show this to my wife.
I learned early in life that the best way to look good was to choose who you're standing next to.

when movember's over
this mustachioed maven
may not feel so smug
when his pussy gets shaven


I can haz eyebleach?

A Floridian fellow, for tips,
Grew a mustache that was pussy-whipped.
But his chest hair was light,
A sharpie helped make it right,
Now his kitten is sittin' cat-'nips.'


some ting wong

A Floridian fellow, for tips,
Grew a mustache, quite p*ssy-whipped,
But his chest hair was light,
A sharpie put it right,
Now his kitten is sittin' cat'nips.'

Now now he says his wife outlined the cat in eyeliner first then he switched to Sharpie.. That's right, WIFE.

Sean - that was before he posted the photo. He's single now, but you'll have to wait because Nursecindy has furst dibs.

this dude has a gayh biker gang on the way to his house...

Eat your heart out, Carlos Danger.

He looks like he's into B&B.

Bondo (As in auto body repair), and bondage.

Either way, he's probably bound and determined!

sir - we implore you. do not reproduce.


When he and his "buddies" get drunk, and get hangovers, do they try the "fur of the cat" to get

Is he a "pussy" lover?

Is his nickname "Hairy" or "Harry-et"?

"This is your brain, and your mo, on drugs"_TV PSA

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