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December 16, 2013


Sewer fishing is the newest rage for some anglers

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Catch and release?

We're talking catch and release, yes?
As opposed to release and catch...

Listen up, Nature. We've got you sussed. Even if you hide in the sewers, some crew-cut little sod will be coming after you.

Dems good eatin'

Gator done!

I'm smellin' a rat here.

Beware of the brown trout.

HA Heywood ! I'm also guessing corn won't be good bait....if you know what I'm saying.....

A sign outhouse fishing has lost its allure.


Definitely a rat Jan. It's a storm sewer which is designed to drain runoff water (mainly from storms). No sh!t. It is possible that there would be fish, since most storm drains dump directly into streams or lakes, but there would have to be standing water in the storm drains, which doesn't happen in a properly designed storm drain. Now back to your regularly scheduled humor.

Guess what's for dinner, honey.

I'll just have a salad.

I don't believe it. Bought the fish at the local market, like my husband used to do. Didn't believe it then, either.

Those appear to be catfish which are (wait for it...) BOTTOM FEEDERS.

Tastes grate; less filleting.

Apparently, this is frowned upon in Norway.

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