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December 19, 2013


Canadian hummus maker runs up against U.S. underwear maker

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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It'll probably be dropped, but it is a required rigamarole to show that Hanesbrands still defends its trademark.

i see a merger ahead, with healthy edible undies as the result

I hate to say this, but I'm with the Goliath on this one. The red with the word "Hanes" is too close for comfort.

At least the little guy is getting a lot of free publicity out of it. Maybe he can get MJ to endorse his new name.

Latest news is that they've settled this thing out of court...the hummus maker has switched the brand name to 'Fruit of the Loom' Hummus. YUM!

Just don't mix yer pita and yer peter and things will be fine.

Hummus looks a lot like something you wouldn't want in your Hanes.......

But just think! No longer would "Eat my shorts" be an insult.

The concept of skid marks forms in the crevices of my cerebral cortex

But just think! "Eat my shorts" will no longer be an insult.

The latest picture on the canadian firm's facebook page:

click to see it

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