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December 16, 2013


A 22-year-old South Haven man was arrested Thursday after police said he repeatedly blasted a piece of furniture with a shotgun.

(Thanks to Chris Lawson)


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So that's how you guys get holes in your underwear.

Annie, I always thought it was their food choices.

But, it wasn't HIS piece of furniture!! Let him feel the full weight of the law

Let that be a lesson to my damn recliner.

He was simply keeping the Ottoman at bay. Clash of cultures. Siege of Vienna etc.

Now playing: Big Shot, by Billy Joel

And they were all impressed,
With your IKEA chest.
Couldn't believe you built it all by yourself.
But we started to run
When you grabbed your shotgun...

Because you had to load the buckshot,
Did ya,
have to prove it to the cops?
You had to blast the couch leg,
last night,
You had to sleep it off,
till' daylight...

Did he find himself living in a shotgun shack?

I am sure that this furniture fully deserved that.

thank God he didn't shoot his one night stand . . .

'don't worry, i've got you covered!' said the blanket to the bed

lgirl? Puns like that could get you..


LeDud - precisely. And if the police had just let him alone, he was on the verge of inventing the croissant.

Oh, the times I was tempted to shoot our Dodge.
But I was afraid it would shoot back. That car obviously hated us, too .

When I bought my computer at Best Buy in 2006, they said that the extended warranty did not cover bullet holes or total immersion.

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