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December 19, 2013


Man emerges from bunker 14 years after Y2K scare

(Thanks to Pete Christensen)

Update: Apparently this is fake. Judi has been fired.


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Pretty sure Cartman was involved with this, somehow.

I saw that movie!

he looks like one of those nutcases on duck dynasty.

Forget Jersey Shore. The lucky SOB has probably never heard of a Kardashian.

I remember visiting my mother's place in 2003 and chucking away her Y2K box of dry provisions because there were weevils in the packages.

Fake! http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/211409/that-news-story-about-the-canadian-man-who-just-left-his-y2k-bunker-after-15-years-is-totally-fake/

... and STILL no flying car.

Just because it is fake doesn't make it any less newsworthy...

Obviously a hoax. Anyone who'd been down in a bunker for 14 years and came back up now -- well, he'd take a look around and go right back down. Deeper.

Wait until he hears about global warming.

This is CBC, right? Global warming sounds good right now.

Them Wacky Canadians!!!

This is (apparently) their version of The Onion, or Oatmeal ... whutever, it's FUNNY!

Visit Banff Alberta Canada, Montana ... or watch the soccer games in Ontario where ALL the kids are winners!

Funny All ! NMUA comment is eerily true in this virtual world.

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