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December 19, 2013


1 in 200 Women Say They've Had a 'Virgin Pregnancy'

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Remembering some of my teen escapades, I can say that I was lucky in some cases that things didn't get "close enough for government work".

How many of them are named "Mary"?

I think there was a subset of young women in the evangelical community that viewed the purity rings as a form of birth control.

I wish I was making that up, but I'm not that creative.

I tried to convince certain family members that my oldest son was 4 months premature. Considering he weighed almost 9 lbs when he was born, I'm not sure they bought my explanation. I should have tried this instead.

She adds that it's possible some of the women "did not want to admit that they had intercourse,"

Gee, ya think? Especially when 31% had taken a "chastity pledge" beforehand.

I had a virgin daiquiri once. Is this the same kinda thing?

Anakin is disturbed by your lack of faith.

This highlights the need for the linear health care record. How many of the resulting children were later diagnosed with messiah complexes?

"We actually found a few virgin fathers as well—which is a little harder to get your head around."

agree with the second part

Yeah, I would find it hard to believe. Who would want to miss all of the fun anyway

Disagree, o'b's' ... those virgin fathers might've been part of a committee (rather than a single person) that got the job done ...

And when I was in college, I believe I must have dated 90% of them all.

Clue for these girls: Just because you don't remember it, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

That second coming will get you every time.

Those little spermy guys are pretty sneaky....they can worm their way out, hang around on an unsuspecting toilet seat until an equally unsuspecting virgin comes along and then.......wham! Virgin pregnancy!

Hey, it could happen.......

Distraught mother to daughter's OB/GYN: "She could've gotten pregnant in the loo, right?" Doc's reply: she could have, certainly, but it would have been wicked uncomfortable."

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