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December 25, 2013


Lucy is spending this Christmas with her dogsitters, who took this photo. We don't know how they got Lucy to wear this hat. We do know she will find a way to get her revenge when we bring her home.



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i hope that Lucy got a nice Christmas present. She looks cute.

Lucy may not be all that happy at the time of that photo, but she's going to be a tail-wagging typhoon when the Blogs come back from UndisclosedLand to get her.

It's a good look. All the cool Tweens and Teens are wearing them.

The dogsitters have a plentiful supply of Alpo or the effects of the residual smoke have caused the change, err euphoria. Woof dude.

It's not well known that Lucie can read, but it's a fact. All of the books in Dave's house are dog-eared.
Have a merry Christmas & happy new year

Lucy probably doesn't mind the hat but she's definitely going to be p!ssed when she finds out you posted this picture on the blog. I think she's very cute.

I Love Lucy! Hopefully she'll love you when you get home. Probably she won't remember and kill you for it, or pee on your bed.

Lucy seems to like the elf hat way more than the Stop O'lick collar required after the tail incident. Merry Christmas Lucy Barry!

The Blog is lucky to have a pet that allows embarrassing attire. My fish won't tolerate that kind of uncultured deportment.

"Could be worse, at least they didn't squeeze me into a Santa suit!"

Nice lawn.

So Dave didn't cram the whole family, plus dog and Burmese python, into a rear-wheel-drive station wagon and drive 750 miles in mid-winter to eat over done turkey with drunken relatives? How unAmerican.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Omni and I have apparently reached that point in life where we're thought of as that funny old couple -- people keep leaving plates of cookies on our door step, anonymously. I guess they're worried about us getting our daily requirement of sprinkles.

Here's to Lucy. Wonder if she needs any Christmas cookies?

careful, omniskeptic - cookies might make lucy yule logs


I suspect Lucy's revenge will involve strategically pooping well-processed strands of that hat all over the post-vacation household over the course of a week or so. It's what I'd do.

Fleas, naughty dog ♫
Fleas, naughty dog
Fleas, naughty dog
To share so many fleas with Dad. ♪

Next time your arm disappears in her mouth, it won't be because you have a pleasing, salty taste.

Didn't Lucy's Revenge open for DogStar, Keanu Reeve's former band, back in the mid 90's?

We have poodles. Yep, two of them. Ten pounder and a four pounder. And even THEY wouldn't be caught DEAD in a hat like that.
Yeah, Dave....Lucy'll getcha for that. Count on it.

Awbh: Nice José Fleasiano song.

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