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December 21, 2013


Sex Accidents Send Victims to Emergency Room Twice a Week

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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"Did this happen on one occasion and who is responsible for the injury."

"Yes and all three."

When I worked in the e.r. I saw more than my fair share of these types of injuries. The most common were fractured penises candy canes.

Is that really the same guy in the interview and the "accident recreation"? Because the guy in the sex tape looks like he weighs about 400 pounds and I was envisioning a totally different kind of accident. Very happy the blind young woman made it through relatively okay. :)

I think they're doing it wrong.

Guys really really need to ask for directions.

"Hey Joe, I've got an acting gig for you."

"Great! Who do I play?"

"A 440 pound virgin who almost killed his first sex partner."

"...I can work with that."

Sounds like be in "good hands" with Annie. One good thing coming is that the ICD10 coding set will surely have these incidents coded. Theres a code for multiple sea turtle attacks.

Another good thing - this type of injury is covered under Obamacare.

If you lik your dictor, you can keep your dictor.

Fortunately most of the victims are already under liquid anesthesia of some sort.

Key quote:

"People go on the Internet and one thing leads to another," he said.

ER Doc sez he's got "a million stories" after 14 years in the ER ...

That's one every 7.5 minutes ... (yeah, I did the math)

First question: When did he sleep?

Second question: ... on second thot ... nevermind ...

Practice safe sex. Use a safety harness.

Key phrase: "...a man's makeshift 8-inch steel ring. "

Rookie mistake?

Didn't read the article but if sex sends to the ER twice a week, you're doing it wrong and I am intensely jealous.
However, I did explain a broken toe to our health department nurses as a "sex-related injury".
My wife was horrified. "Did you set them straight?" she demanded.
"No", I said.

P B, I am confused, is it eight in. long or eight in. around OR BOTH?

I had an old friend whose pick-up line was 'I am not that long, but
luckily I am not that big around!' It worked all the time BCS chks like
humor + humble.

Two old jokes relate (sorta) to this ...

The majority of home accidents happen in the bedroom.

Accidents cause people.

O the U, I'm not sure ER doctors do sleep.

I wonder how many Harvey Wallbangers they had beforehand.

I never thought I'd read "ICD-10" on the blog.

Prolly true, Kristina ... but for 14 YEARS?!?!?!?!?!

At first I thought the same victims kept going back to the ER twice a week. "Gosh golly, sorry, Doc. Yeah, I know - I'll try to be more careful."

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