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December 18, 2013


QUEENSLAND dogs are getting addicted to the hallucinogenic sweat that oozes off the backs of cane toads.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Oooh, a new science lesson. Dave keeps updated. Isn't that something. Dogs getting buzzed.

Time for a Willie Nelson reprise - 'On the Toad again'...

Another opportunity: dog rehab clinics.

"I swear, officer ... I swear to Dog, that's not MY cane toad."

I saw Hallucinogenic Sweat open for Strawberry Alarm Clock in '69.

At least I think I did.

On the next episode of 'Geraldo Live!, we bring you the shocking story of toad rage, the hidden epidemic that freaks fido out!

(And didn't Toad Rage open for Drivin' and Cryin'?

Whut about the plague of 'Cane toads in Miami?

Whut? They're not reptiles, but merely football players?

Whutever ...

Actually, wasn't toad (not toe) sucking a plot point in Dave's first or second novel?

Dogs can get a lot of personal introspective information from licking cane toads for medicinal use.
Like: don't lick cane toads.

"...Dr. said it kill me, but he won't say when, toadcane rattling 'round my brain."


Like, woof, dude.

Aren't all dogs serial lickers?

Someone should write a book and include a side story about a dog who tussles with a cane toad over a shared food bowl. At some point the dog's owner should fall face down on the toad and start having hallucinations.

Oh, wait. That's already been written and made into a movie. Never mind.

Candy is dandy but licker is quicker
(with apoligies to Ogden nash)

Textbook symbiotic relationship with a Carlos Castaneda twist.

*SMACKS* JG. It's apologies. btw, Ogden Nash is my absolute favorite poet.

Note to self: Do not spell anything wrong around NC.

Stoner dawgs.

Jeff and Scott....Or to quote (I believe) an even earlier column by the author of the aforementioned book and movie, "Dude! Wanna do some toad?"

Do not mess with the blog. Many of us have (sometimes unknowingly) memorized the entire DB canon.

Does it make them see Elizabeth Dole?

"One toad over the line, sweet Jesus...."

now if we could only get a bunch of toads for the Congress to lick, maybe they would start thinking normal....

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