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December 17, 2013


A Michigan man repeatedly punched his mother in the face while decorating the family Christmas tree after noticing that “there was an ornament with his brother’s name on it and that there were no ornaments with his name,” according to police.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)

Apologies in advance if we blogged this already. We just can't tell any more. 

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(Thanks to Rob Simbeck and Jeff Meyerson)


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If I had to dress like Buddy the Elf I'd drink to excess too.

Was the costume his? Or did the police department, in a mood of Yuletide festivity, provide the elf costume for each person's mug shot, just to keep the holiday spirit alive?

Or perhaps that was his sentence.

haappy holidays everyone.

He was dressing the Christmas tree with his brother and girlfriend? Must have been one hell of a big tree.


"Face the camera, Mr. Touch-et.'

"That's Tou-shay!"

"Have at you!"


I love holiday mugshots! They're just so Christmassy!

He's not Happy. Which one is he ?

His expression cracks me up. It's like "So, what's it to you? Can't an elf be left alone when he's having fun?"

When I think about you, I touch my elf.

Sidebar story.

proly a crotchless elf suit...

Elf on the shelf (ie., prison bunk).

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