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December 29, 2013


South Carolina woman stabs fiancé over wedding color scheme

(Thanks to wanderer2575)


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A few more titles from the Drudge Report:

Woman beats, stabs man with ceramic squirrel for returning home without beer...

Two arrested after 'Ten Commandments' argument turns violent...

Woman threatens to kill WALMART employee over price of skateboard...

Man stabbed in argument over jukebox music...

Having been a principal in one wedding, it's a wonder anyone survived.
We've been married over 40 years, mainly because there's no way in he!! either of us would do that again.

girl jes wanted a wedding to dye for

The color pallet was squirrel grey & eggplant...

What does marriage hold for them ? They'd better call Miss Cleo now for a free reading.

hmm . . . seeing a common theme in judi's posts lately - is she sending a subliminal message ?

It's not known whether she has an attorney.... What about a wedding planner?

All solved. Orange and stripes with chrome bracelets.

What's with all the Christmas stabbings anyway? Doesn't anybody down there have a gun any more?

Now, if she'd stabbed him with the ivory-handled cake-cutter, that would have been news.

♪ The bride cuts the groom ... ♬

"Wanna get hitched?"

"Sure, I'll take a stab at it."

They were actually getting married? Well, hopefully they don't now

'''When a man takes a woman....
'''And a woman stabs a man.....
'''There will be much blood on the land...
'''...And there is love......

Hey, its the south, the man feels strongly about CAMO being the color scheme. Can't blame her for putting him in his proper place [whipped] where all married men end up. Dude, consider a blow-up doll.....

Aaaw, I'm sure they can work it out.

The knife, out of his torso, that is.

Just proves we need to outlaw all knives then no one will ever be stabbed again.

...and ceramic squirrels...and bibles...and priests in automobiles...

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