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December 17, 2013


Drunken woman smoking cigarette backwards had child, beer in car

(Thanks to Robert Mathis)

Guess the state.


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I'm going to need a simultaneous translation: how do you smoke a cigarette backwards?

is child beer pint-sized ?

"I'll have the Happy Meal and a pack of Marlboro 100's. Oh, and instead of chocolate milk, can I get a Coors Light?"

Jeff I think you put the tobacco end in your mouth and then light the filter. Or so I've heard.

At the 1:10 mark. One of my fave scenes.

" Every now and then I fall apart. "

I think you might put the lit end in your mouth, which a friend did once while in his cups (points for antique phrase).
He said it works better the regular way.
Well, not "said" as such.

etteragic gnikoms?

When it said she 'had child in car' I was envisioning a Blessed Event...but then they added the beer. Sooo confusing...

Okay, on this smoking backward thing: "forward" or normal smoking involves placing a tobacco product or tobacco-smoke-delivery device in your mouth. So we could reason by analogy that backward smoking would require placing the tobacco in your ...

Or, as Blaise Pascal's teenage son said, "Man is a smokin' reed, dude."

MamouneAndCo,un blog par une maman, pour les mamans.Blog - Maman - Test - Jouet - Bébé Contact-Partenariat

Merde alors. Nous n'avons pas des mamans ici. Some mean mamans, perhaps, mais ...

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