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December 21, 2013


Textopornographie: France creates its own word for 'sexting'

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Seeing through arm pit hair to virtually experience their imminent surrender is the key.

At least they didn't call it "Le Tweeter."

As Steve Martin said, "Those French! They have a word for everything!"

Followed by:

"Waiter, there are *snails* in my escargot!"

17 letter word for a type of tweet? Don't the French realize there are people in Hungary starving for vowels?

*Snork* Manual and Wee Wee.


Textopornographie? Merde de Taureau.

Wow. That's 12% of a tweet right there.

Why not just use the German word: Smutzenfoople ?

I fly frequently in Canada and every time I listen on the plane to security messages before flight, both in English and French. The same message in French takes twice as long as in English.

Quote: "The English equivalent of "sexting," textopornographie refers to ..."

Um ... "sexting" IS English ... seems the writer of this "report" has a problem knowin' the difference between French and Engish ...

French is the one with REALLY long words, and sentences, and smells of cigarettes, and armpit hair, and BO ...

English has shorter words ...

The short form of textopornographie is sexto.

When I was in Québec in 1996, there was a big controversy because there was a flight (not mine) where the order to lock the door was given in english but not in french. Ça m'est égal si les agents de bord barrent la porte ou s'ils lock the door.

Roberto - that's because they skip the parts about what to do if the plane goes down. They know the french will just embrace the suck (to use a current term.)

"It's like those French have a different word for everything."

Oui le pffft en là directione vous genérale. N'est-ce pas?

They wear a Napoleonic costume that dates to 1635? I think they're updating their history books, too.

We need to come up with a word that conveys the arrogance of inventing your own words.


How about fabriquemotdepretentiuse?



I propose "surrendipity".

I propose TPG.

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