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December 28, 2013


Beer is good, squirrels are not.

(Thanks to Roberto, Robert Mathis, Bill Hudgins, Tom, Ersin, Allison the Happy Penguin, Charles Cates, Loudmouth, W. von Papineau, and drewsmith)


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I would have used my garden gnome but this works too.

The holidays are a stressful time.

Of course this happened in Ireland, the Florida of Europe.

When I saw this article, I just knew that it would show up here!

Squirrel idols, alcohol, stupidity...what's not to love?

He should have gathered a better group of nuts...

Federal ceramic squirrel registration will be a big issue next year.

So, what seems to be the problem?

bloody haell, if anyone deserved it it was this wanker,
come home with brrs or don't come home at all!

I need to see a picture of the weapon. What part constituted the 'blade'?

Or was it a Switch-squirrel...?

i never thought squirrels were that sharp

Ceramic squirrel ... ceramic knife ...

Simple ...

Break off part of the squirrel, it becomes a space-age weapon or kitchen utensil ...

Who among us hasn't stabbed someone with a squirrel when they did not bring back beer? Or, if they brought back Bud Lite, used a moose?

"Oh, and honey...I forgot the Tide detergent pods, too. My bad. Sorry...YAAGH!!!"

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