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December 21, 2013


This blog will be spending the Christmas holiday at a secret undisclosed location, so blogging will be sporadic for the next week or so. We leave you with this important message:



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Enjoy Joy safely, Dave, Michelle, Sophie ... Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and any others I've missed ...

Same to all the Barrys, and the blog.

You too, Judi.

Have a wonderful New Year and a safe and Happy Christmas, Dave and family.

Have A Very Merry Christmas And Happy New Year to Dave and his family.

Is the Blog flying to undisclosed?

My all-time favorite Sophie posting (to date!) Seeing this one every year beats watching 24 hours straight of "A Christmas Story", except there is no one saying "Yule shoot your eye out, kid!"

I hope that Yule all will be safe out there!


Have a Cool Yule Dave and Family Barry.

And a Happy Christmas to all.

Sophie could put [email protected] out of business with that one; says it all, perfectly.

Thanks, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year to The Blogs and the bloggers. Three hundred sixty five days of laughter to you all.

Steve, aka ....

Happy Christmahannakwanzaka!

Merry Etc. to one and all !

What if I want to be miserable? Can I take inordinate offense?

My favorite Christmas greeting of all time!

Thanks, Dave and Judi and Walter, to you and yours and theirs, unto the sixth degree of separation

Thanks, Dave!

Back atcha and Judi too!

what is a disclosed secret exactly?

Joyous everything to Dave, Judi, Walter, and all the commenters who make me laugh daily!


"If all the hands and hearts that could, would touch and embrace..."

--a famous buddy said this..


funny man, what about those whose hands have just been sprayed by skunks, or those whose hands are covered with Super Glue? Your famous buddy should use words more carefully.

Happy Holidays to one and all.

Be extra careful not to become one of the stories we MUST make fun of. The irony would be too painful.

Under bloggers living in Florida be extra, extra careful as the magnet is strong with you.

Hey it was an old Buddy Sorrel joke..but I left out
(forgot) the punchline...

Merry Christmas, Chanukah (oops, too late), Kwanzaa, or whatever else to all. Appropriate Remarks all around!

I like to think I'm a witty guy, but everything I read here from the Regulars blows me away. Keep it up next year!

I remember when Dave first posted Sophie's Ode to Joy - my son didn't leave enough room for all his letters, either. Now he's about to learn to drive. Have joy....and insurance.

as Walt Kelly so sagely wrote:

"Deck us all with Boston Charlie
Walla Walla Wash and Kalamazoo" etc.

Merry, happy Christmas time.

With the spirit of the season in mind and wishing you and yours the best while celebrating in 'until now' the undisclosed secret location, I want to say, "man are your arms ever gonna be tired when you get back."

Happy holidays and may joy overcome you.

I wondered when "Have Joy" would roll around this year. It's one of those little things that has grown on me and says more than Merry. Have Joy all my blog buddies.

Best to all for the holiday of your choice. Or not. I find solace in agnostic Buddhism until after New Year's Day

? Does that say have a HIPPY NEW YEAR ?


Annie Where-but-here - I am proud to say that we were here when "Sopie" first posted that (I THINK thats how the birthday cake was spelled)... merry Christmas to ALL - and to all a pleasant nibble and friendly grope!

I MISSED Meanies comment - sorry sir - I remember when you were simply Blue Meanie

gut yomtov, y'all.

Ain't no thang, Coast. Story of my life, actually ... but I digress.

I too recall the First Posting of the Have Joy, including the "Sopie" credit. Still not sure that Judi has forgiven me for ribbing her about that.

Please consider yourself among the well-wished and the missed hereabouts.

Holly Jolly, Merry Berry to All
Have a Glorious Yuletide Season
Let Joy Fill Your Boot
And Happy Hearts be the Holiday Reason
Be quick to good Cheer
And slow to find fault with the Crowd
Make Holiday Greetings Substantial
And always make Mom & Pop Proud
So if you remember one thing
While Celebrating This Time of Year
Let it be that we all draw the same breath
And all shed the same salty tear
Be the Light and the Shadow
Be the Shepherd and the Sheep
Be the Song and the Singing
Be the Warmth and the Keep

Waves atgropes CoastRaven
*opens BlogBar*

"BlogBar" is a DANGEROUS THING!!!


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