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December 31, 2013


Thanks to all of you who visited the blog this year when you could have been doing productive work. Thanks especially to those of you who sent stuff in, and those who commented. Have fun tonight, but remember to celebrate in moderation. And have a great 2014, which is bound to be a better year. For openers, we plan to fire judi. 


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Same to you Dave. And remember to set back your clocks tonight at midnight.*

*Stolen from Steve Martin's twitter account.

Personally, I think we ought to just get on with it and close 2013 right now. Maybe stab a fork in its eyeball on the way out, too.

Thanks to the Blog and Co. for many laughs, and Happy New Year to all!

happy new year, wherever you are -
please crash on your couch & not in your car

What do you mean it's going to be 2014? I'm still writing 2012 on all of my checks.
Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks to all of you for all the laughs.
Please don't drink and drive.

Bundle up. It's cold out.

I'm trying to get all the invoices and checks written that my accountant wants done before midnight. When I start drinking the numbers are going to start getting stranger and stranger.

PS. Who is that woman & would she like to come over for an audit?

Ditto....also, avoid calculus.

And for all you swimmers, don't sink and dive.

I've got a solo piano gig tonight at an old-fart party that will probably close at about 8:00. Already got "Auld Lang Syne" fixed under the fingers. Any suggestions? People tend to shut up when I ask for requests. Hmm...maybe I'm mis-interpreting that...

HNY all ! STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN is my suggestion JSG. The long version.

Ooh, yeah. And "Free Bird". I don't want to introduce a fire hazard, though.

ligirl, paging ligirl...

LeDud, can you play "Far, far away"?

I meant to aim that comment at Just Some Guy. Sorry, I've already had too much calculus.

Thanks for the chuckles Dave, judi and everyone. All the best for 2014. JSG, these little ditties used to keep most of our parties ticking over nicely.

AWBH, you mean this? The chords are straightforward, but I don't think I can grow the red chops in time.

Jan Grimsby, good idea. English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish songs always work for occasions like tonight's. And people can make up their own lyrics as they go.

Fish...poop...in the ocean...
Dogs...poop...on the floor.
People...poop in 1.6-gallon toilets...
...and other animals poop somewhere else, I guess.

Irene, good night...

Ha - Slade! A face made for radio.

"Can you play far, far away?" is my standard retort to a musician who asks for requests. My dad did the same thing. A genetic tendency for mean humor.

"Time in a Bottle" always gets people weepy or if they're old, sleepy.

Life is short. Ride it like you stole it. :)

JSG I worked with a lot of elderly people and they always loved Moon River. Another popular song was We've Only Just Begun by the Carpenters. My personal favorite is Higway To Hell but they may feel differently. You can never go wrong with Louie, Louie either.

huh, i don't recall sending dave that picture of me in my jacuzzi . . .

- JSG, you requested a song ?

you could do richard cheese' version of "baby got back" - a real favorite.

Got 'em except for The Song By the Artist That Will Remain Unmentioned.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I will leave them weepy and pessimistic! Maybe finish up with "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Cher. Might have to visit wardrobe before that one.

Whatever you do, don't play David Bowie's 'Changes.' Old people try to sing the chorus, and before you know it, dentures are flying everywhere. It's a mess.

Nice picture of Judi, Dave.

The Old Folks here at The Home show a great fondness for Broadway show tunes and pop up through early-to-mid Beatles. I'm pretty sure none of them would be thrilled by "Time in a Bottle"; and I remember once playing "Hello in There" in a piano bar, and nearly getting killed by people who wanted to hear "Just a Gigolo" and "Her Mother Never Told Her".

Just know your crowd.

P.S. Happy New Year to one and all!

Just Some Guy - Ya CANT go wrong with the theme to All In The Family (Those Were The Days) on New Years Eve!! And bonus points if you can do "Edith" by yourself!!

Happy New Years everyone - I promise to try and show more often! (For some thats a threat - for others a promise)

Friendly gropes all around!

Goodbye "Annus Horribilis" - Welcome New Brave World, er Year.
PS I don't know what "Annus Horribilis" means, but they use it on TV and sounds bad.

Happy new year to the blog , Judi the blog guys and the blogettes. You are all a bunch of sick twisted people and I fit right in. Love you all

It's the last wonderful night of the year
Thank you Dave & you bloggers
A toast to you groggers - let's be of Good 'Cheer' ! !
It's the last wonderful night of the year

Have the hap-happiest new year of all
With such 'funny' news: 'Beatings'! and 'gay(nttawwt)happy meetings'
'A Chuck E. Cheese brawl' !
Have the hap-happiest new year of all!

There'll be Florida drivers
Inventive contrivers
'Watch this: how far can it go?!?'
More hilarious stories
And tales of the 'glories'
Of Flathead we all wanna know !

It's the last wonderful night - have a beer!
The blog's most insanest
(Do I see Uranus) ?!
Hey! My Post disappeared !!!
It's the laugh-gaffiest siiiights
It's the Wal-martiest fiiiights
It's the stupidest criminal
Humor subliminal
Terrorist squirreliest
Poopiest, hurliest
Boobies & bootiest
Don't Fire Judi!-est
Of the Year ! ! !


Thanks for this blog, and for Dave, and Judi, and Walter, and especially for my fellow blogophiles. You all helped me get through my toughest year ever. You forced me to think funny, and when I couldn't bring myself to do that, much less get out of bed, you all supplied the funny for me. May your twisted tribes increase.

Allow me a bit more seriousness here, and even a bit of philosophy: never underestimate the effect that you can have on others...and in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

Happiest of New Years to my fellow knuckleheads!


Hands-up for a field trip to Flathead County this time next year.

JSG - some suggestions:

Grandma's Hands (Bill Withers)
The September of My Years (Sinatra)
We'll Meet Again (WWI or II, can't remember which)

And of course the Beatles "When I'm 64" (but change it to 94), or "The End" from the White Album

You'll kill 'em!

Thanks Dave & judi for giving me giggles and nose spurts for years. Happy New Year to all! I do not plan to leave my over 55 community to travel to a party where I know I will end up in the pool, hammered and possibly without many clothes, then end up as a headline here under which it says, "Guess the State." Much safer to stay home and hope the geezer bus doesn't run me over.

Anything but Copacabana and you're OK.

Look for us in the crowds in Times Square tonight. We won't be there, of course, but it will help while away those hours better than listening to Seacrest and Miley Cyrus.

Have a safe New Year, everyone.

Flathead in summer sounds warmer. I think Peter hits Chicago in April -- a nice time of the year.

Thank you folks for putting up with my sense of humor

JSG: My personal favorite would be "It's Just Another New Years Eve" by Barry Alan Pincus

I also found a great quote on Twitter last night:

"That Piano Man really predicted my future!" - Davey, on his deathbed in the Navy hospital in San Diego

Almost forgot. It is not too late to act. You can give me $14,000 before midnight and not trigger any federal gift tax requirements. And another $14k anytime next year and still be ok.

JSG - Sorry I'm late, but if you are going for long songs, Innagaddadavida is about as bad as it gets.

That picture just speaks moderation alright. Have a Happy New Year also and thanks for keeping me laughing all year.

Flathead could be our comedic Sturgis.

I'm being dragged screaming going to a ball tonight. Roaring '20's, fringe dress...gonna put the 'pro' in 'prohibition' and the 'f-u' in 'fun.' :)

*wild applause* to ligirl, who continues to out-do herself

and let me second K in terms of the Gift of the Blog.
In good times and (especially) bad, it's always a wellspring of joy

Love you guys...

Me three, this blog helped me get through some very very bad times....

And just look at me now. Oh wait, you can't.

But I'll be the one in the back of the party dancing to Louie Louie, regardless of what's being played.

When you think about it Dave we the people that spend unproductive time on your blog do so because we are your dearest fans who think that you are worth our time and in some small way want to be a part of your life. If it wasn't for your personality and humor we probably wouldn't be hear as much as we are.

Yea, what those guys said!

And ligirl wins Blog Idol!! Fantastic!!

All of you have a great year, and keep up the great posts.

Happy New Year, everyone - the oldies and the newies. This has been a fun place to hang around all these years(??!!)(and yes, I've lost count).

Happy new year!

Happy birthday Dave!

Happy New Year, everyone! Resolution for 2014: Large wall around Flathead County. If everyone reading this would donate just three bricks....

My post about JSG playing "It's Just Another New Years Eve" by Barry Alan Pincus was deleted by the blog-machine.


Itsh my great pleasure to be pohshting here on the Glob in 20forteen. Thank youse, all. (Hey, wheresh the Send button?)

Moderation is my middle name, Dave. Happy Year of the New to you and yours!

It's been cock. 2014 will be more cock.

I vote that the entire blog celebrate *next year* in Colorado!

Rocky Mountain High, indeed. And in about another hour there, it's all going to become 100% legal.

Ah, NYE here in California. The sounds of happy people, drunk people, and gunfire

In other words, the usual!

Happy New Year, to the best group of comedy writers on the web.

You guys rock!


Happy New Year to one and all - The Blog and family, judi, Walter, Lucy, and all the amazing Bloglits who never fail to put a smile on my face (to say nothing of all the heartfelt chortles and guffaws)!

Here's to a fantabulous 2014! *clinks glass of Sparkling Apple Cider*

Are we there yet? I just woke up. Happy Whatever!

Could all of you please post a little more quietly today? I would really appreciate it. Happy New Year to everyone. You guys are the best.


Coming home this morning at 1:10 AM, we drove slowly and cautiously, fearing the hordes of hockey fans that are supposedly here for a golf tournament or something like that. In the little valley that Seventh enters as it comes to Stadium, it was dark and quiet and deserted, except for the two young men standing in the middle of the street, wearing Santa suits, and flipping off the passing cars.

Trusting that none of you were doing that, have a great year ... Our friend who was hosting us says it's going to be the best ever. Well, better, anyway. Okay, no worse. She only goes Pollyanna on us once in a while, and it doesn't last long.

happy new year to all!

One of my New Year Resolutions:
Get a crowd of people to chant "Vacuums Suck!" at a televised event

Aaaiiii! Who let in all this light??

Some events in Flathead County that could be the pretext for gathering:

Feb. 14-16 -- Flathead Valley Boat Show. How better to spend Valentine's Day?
Feb. 25 Solid Waste Board Meeting

March 22 -- Flathead Roller Derby Bout
March 25 -- Solid Waste Board Meeting

After that for several months, probably the only excitement is the Solid Waste Board Meeting. Skipping ahead a bit

August 13-17, NW Montana Fair and Rodeo. http://www.nwmtfair.com/ -- includes a demolition derby, which might be the perfect way to import Florida driving

A bit late, but Mr. and Mrs. Wolfsong were in bed and asleep at midnight....Happy New Year all!

Uuuugh. No all caps today, please. My head hurts. At least, I think that's my head. The 5 parrots on my left shoulder need to shut the flock up.

You only have 5?


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