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December 20, 2013


Scientists send text message through evaporated vodka

(Thanks to Another Ralph, Jay Brandes and Alkali Bill)


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watson come here i need u

" You've had too much. "

" ... some plants use fungi ... " to communicate ...

Well, if the fun guy brings enuf vodka ... that'll werk ...

Meta drunk texting?

It says "Come back Lisa. You're all I had. Lishaaaaaaaa" Shall I take a message?

Didn't Evaporated Vodka open for Urine Detection System?

So, the next NYC mayoral campaign is when, again?

I never said that. It's the alcohol talking.

I object. And I'm drinking OJ and vodka. I feel real fine. "PERIMITER".

And the message sent right after "O Canada!" was, "Eh"?

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