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December 31, 2013


A giant yellow duck on display in a northern Taiwan port exploded on Tuesday, just hours before it was expected to attract a big crowd to count down the new year.

(Thanks to Bill Price, Ralph and Brian in Connecticut, who says: "Oh the humanity.")


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More of an implosion.

What a party popper.

What a downer.

let THAT be a LESSON to ALL !

Duck Dynamite.

They suspect Al Quacka was behind this.

or party pooper...

They'll just have to burn the straw goat instead.

MtB - Duck Die-nasty?

The giant duck display wasn't all it quacked up to be.

Sorry, Oregon fans...

I saw Giant Exploding Duck open for the Byrds.

I blame the group that torched the Bokken.

Duck, duck, DUUUCK!


But what about the Gavle Goat? Did it burn this year or not?

So far so good.

The goat flamed out bout a week before Christmas. Sadly, his (her?) tweets this year were very sparse, not funny at all, and they didn't even have the webcam running. I suspect the amount of funding for the SPGA (Society to Prevent Goat Arson) must have been drastically cut back.

That's the large rubber duckie again. We saw him last year. He's not doing very good. Sssssssssssshhhhhhhh, there goes all of his air again....... It must of been made in China.

Hey PB, OUR Ducks won, all eyes should be on rouge elements of the Texxxas Longhorn Futbol Community!
Next Year, the National Title! hey we can dream , right?

How did it get targeted? It was just peacefully sitting there.

Staring contest, Elon. Staring contest.

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