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December 20, 2013


Urine detection system installed in Atlanta transit station elevator

(Thanks to Healthcare Steve, who says "Letting everyone know we have 'fixed' the problem will definitively clean up Atlanta's reputation.")


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That's fine. I just hope they leave the Up escalator alone.

I saw Urine Detection System open for Devo.

New York City subways have a urine detection system. Our noses.

My daughter and her new husband took a trip to NYC because she loves Broadway shows and he is really whipped.
Anyway, she said her overwhelming olfactory remembrance of the city was...pee.

wow. urine luck.

"Yup, the detector says it's here. What's it say in the instructions to do next?"

Semi-related, a series of transportation mishaps led to me essentially buying a taxicab the other day. Out of boredom I read every posted tag and warning. When I mentioned the posted $50 "Cleaning Fee" to the driver, he said, "It is NOT enough." No argument from me, didn't even ask for details.

If the UDS (Urine Detection System) fails, do they declare a "Code Yellow"?

UIh oh, urine trouble now, boy.

It's a rainy night in Georgia. Seems like alarms are going off all over the town.

Dang! q'bee & Jeff BOTH stole my line ... now all I can do is ammonia ...

Adding a flush handle would be cheaper.

What is wrong with you people? This makes total sense to me.

But won't they just do their 'business' elsewhere?

Ask a New Yorker.

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