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December 31, 2013


Giant potato ready to drop in downtown Boise on New Year's Eve

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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There's a reason this isn't usually done in Idaho. Guaranteed, someone will mistake it for a drone and take it out with a shotgun. THEN the party starts.

So yeah, eat your heart out New York.

Here in NC we're having our annual possum drop. Try topping that!

I have a high school classmate who has lived in Boise for many years. Judging by the Facebook posts, she thinks the potato drop is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Here in the DC area, we should start a tradition of dropping politicians -- but we'd have to do it more than once a year -- there are so many who need dropping.

nursecindy - you top that with a dollop of sour cream. Or, if you're in South Carolina, mayo.

We're gonna need a boatload of scrambled eggs and bacon...

Yeah, but does Boise have Ryan Seacrest or Miley Cyrus?

On second thought...

as in olden times, we should drop all politicians from the old post office tower in DC, if they are good and true to us they will live, otherwise, clearly guilty. HEY that would work with the scum on Wall Street too!

Meanwhile, in PA.

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