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December 17, 2013


Dear Editors,  

Ever since Kim Kardashian posted her most recent picture of her daughter Nori, people have been speculating about whether or not she waxed and shaped Nori's eyebrows....

Dear Editors,

It has recently been reported that Simon Cowell may have gotten pectoral implants...


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This blog is the best diet ever. Skipping lunch again. Erggggh.

Dave Barry's Blog -- Always been low carb!

Well did she wax and shape Nori's eyebrows? Inquiring minds want to know!

Why do I never get helpful emails like these? Most of mine are written in Martian, as far as I can tell...

The problem is all the wannabe Kardashians around here will be doing the same thing, raising their kids to be just as shallow and vapid as their parents. My kids go to school with some of these wannabes. It's stunning and nauseating.

- and if she's a true kardashian, she all ready needs a bikini wax

Nori? That's what they're calling her? Poor kid.

"Nori" is Valley Girl Speak for "Wind that whistles between the ears."

I thought nori was seaweed.

" This is Rachael from card services... " No wait, that's a robocall.

Like, for sure I knew that. Like, duh!

See? See? Tonya Harding would never do anything like that.

When were you promoted to editor?

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