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December 26, 2013


He prefers hedgehog death to hat-wearing.



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It's the most wonderful time of the year
When the kids are all telling you
'Can't stay thru new year's, too' : Time for more Beer!!
It's the 'hosting:-i'm-done!'-derful time of the year

It's the 'don't-let-the-door-hit-you-in-the-ass' classiestiest season of all
With the relatives leaving there'll be much reprieving
(Let's Hope they don't stall . . . !)
It's the 'i-need-a-nappiest' season of all

No more tables for setting
Uncomfortable sweating
(These people all eat so damn slow!!)
I'm so sick of their stories
Of tales of the glories
Of Christmases long, long ago
It's the 'don't-come-undone-derful time of the year !

There'll be much football watching
More soda & scotching
When loved ones aren't near
It's the 'I'll have another one'!-derful time of the year

No more toilets a-flushing
Or plumbing pipes gushing
'Hey, hon - we're All CLEAR ! ! !'

It's the 'why is it flushing so slooooow . . .?'
It's the money all spent that we oooowe
'Wipe your Feet - you're all tracking in snow !
The damn dog jes threw up on my toe ! !
'Can we stay one more night?' 'Ho-Ho-NO!!!'
'I-love-you-it's-time-that-you-goooo . . .
It's the daughter & son-derful
(Golly you're wonderful ! )
MY Vacation's beGUN!-derful
Thanks for the Funderful tiiiiiiiiiiime
Of the Year ! ! !

I'm thinking, I have never seen Toy Story.

&ligirl: well done. Did you write this instead of spending even MORE time with your relatives?

Applause for Ligirl, unless of course it was written at the reference desk while people were in line. In that case, snickers.

What manly dog wouldn't?

Happy Holidays judi!

I've seen that grin somewhere before.

>> I'm thinking, I have never seen Toy Story. <<

This is a deleted scene from " Toy Story ". In the original script, not all the toys survived.

Clank's right - the director's cut was violent enough to be rated "R."

Doggie likes toy. Tasty too.

Cury & ucy: the No L dogs
ucy's an elf, Cury's biting on hogs

Our friend's Brittany, Henry, deconstructed his holiday gift, squeaker, nylon fuzz, and all, in thirty seconds flat. He was about to eat the outside of it when he was distracted with a lamb liver treat.

I must admit, I've often come close to doing that to some of my kids' toys.

*sends special urgently needed home decor item to ligirl*

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