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December 17, 2013


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from bringing you the Birth Announcement of the Day.

(Thanks to Nate West)


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At least Hunter will have a reason to hang out with his little brother.

I would not want to be near him when he discharges.

...and he's a son of a gun.

Actually Fred, his daddy was a pistol and he's a son of a gun. Stolen from the late, great Lewis Grizzard.

If they circumcise him will he be half-cocked?

*snorks* @ all -

is that a pistol in his diaper ?

At least we don't have to guess what his parents were drinking when they came up with that name.

Does Oregon have a no-takesies-back naming policy or are they a name-isn't-final-until-mom's-demerol-wears-off state?

What happens if he's firing blanks when he's all grown up?

His older brothers Winchester and Remington were pleased.

Auntie Fieldress will be most pleased.

You'll put your eye out!!


Let"s all plan to meet at Name Change Court on this kid's 18th birthday.

" The most powerful birth announcement in the world..."

nursecindy, that line goes back at least to Roger Miller's "Dang Me" (My pappy was a pistol I'm a son of a gun")

also, is this kid's middle initial "." ?

Children of his caliber are often difficult to find.

No, it's spelled .-4-5, not F-o-r-t-y-f-i-v-e.

This is the #1 and #4 most popular article on the Tillamook Headlight Herald website.

Once again my fellow Oregonians have done us proud! You think the south has all the stupid redneck scum, haeeell no!

We are the Land of Tanya Harding, land of the stupider. If it keeps out all the Cali Real Estate Dirtbags, its working!

Hey, we love Tonya Harding. If I were going to run for President, I'd want her as either my VP candidate or the opposition.

Or: how about a Harding - Cheney ticket?

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