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December 20, 2013


Drunk Serbian man kills hammer-head shark with his butt

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Big Trouble: Get hammered with hammerhead beer.

Every heroic act is preceded by the words,"here hold my beer."

Poor shark.

Is there anything beer can't do ?

Actually jumped the shark. Impressive.

Doubtful. I went up in a wave once and came down full weight on a shark's dorsal fin. Neither of us was hurt by the experience. (Some people like to think that there are no sharks where they're swimming. That's so cute!)
And we have these little Bonnethead Sharks (a type of hammerhead) off St. Augustine that you'd have to work to be afraid of.

Photos? If no photos, it din't happen ...

Steve ~! One day you must get drunk and tell the blog stories. Landed on a shark? Thought dead at an accident? My God man, how are you still here?

So the headline could have been 'Hammered, hammered hammer head'?

Key quote, alluded to by Cheesewiz:

"Dragan ... told me to hold his beer"

Sheer instinct, Ms. Flukey, sheer instinct.
And borrowing phrases from comic strips.
Many people are so afraid of losing their lives that they can't go out and live them.

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