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December 17, 2013


Woman: Are you Dave Barry?

Me: Yes.

Woman: I LOVED Marley and Me.

Me: Thanks, but I didn't write that.


Woman: It made me cry.


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Don't worry about it Dave. I once told John Grogan that I enjoyed his book, "Boogers Are My Beat". It made him cry.

Obviously not a blogger.

Was she blonde?

Dave was in a bar????

In a bar, on a Saturday night?
Where did Mrs. Blog think you were?

Mrs. Blog is extremely understanding.

She is also capable of kicking his @ss.

A writer walked into a bar...

@NMUA you beat me to it!

A common mistake. Dave wrote Tuesdays with Morley.


Bang up job on Marley and Me. Keep up the great work.

Your Editor

This is how you can tell Dave is seriously married. If a cute woman makes this kind of mistake to a bachelor writer, he would say, "Thank you. Do you know that when I wrote it, I had a perfect reader in mind, and she looked just like you?"

dave went to a bar with marley cyrus?! was there twerking involved ??!

I had no idea there were bars in Cyprus.

Marley the dog walks into a bar and says, "I'm lookin' for the man who shot my paw."

i thought bob marley died years ago . . . dave's a stoner???!?

Woman : I keep thinking you are Dave Barry, but you look like Tony Curtis?


Dave: Let Tony buy you drink.

Incredibly, you-know-what was prolly involved.

Everybody knows that. BTW, great job with Maximum Bob.

nothing good comes of going into bars. think of the women you could have picked up in a liberry. oh wait.

What bar was this ? I think I wrote " Old Yeller " and " The Champ ".

At first glance I thought Dave was in a bra. Which would've been absolutely fine.

I wrote this.

Dave Barry was also great in the film Charlie's Angels

I get that, too:

Woman: Are you Dave Barry?

Me: Yes.

Woman: Nice hair!

Me: Thanks.

Oh Dave, this is too funny. How many drinks did she have? I was so glad you came to the radiothon this year and I got the chance to meet you but last year I volunteered there and I had shoppers come up to me when you came up on the screen who said to me who's that? Of course I explained who you were and that was when I mentioned last year that you needed to come to Michigan sometime and thankfully you did. Have a nice holiday

I loved that one where he played the President's double.

At least she didn't confuse Barry with Barry.

I assure you, both images are from miamiherald.com.

Dave wrote a book?

So you're actually Rick Barry?

Funny, I thought you'd be taller.

Marley and the Starcatchers would be a great name for a rock band that makes blonde dog-lovers cry. Does Dave play music that dogs can hear?

How dare you not be the person she expected.

The book would have ended better if Dave had written it. And there would have been a spare dog involved.

The image of a dog barking to be let out of a door that is the only thing standing after a hurricane is getting me to laugh.

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