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December 24, 2013


Ho Ho Ho, you guys.


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Sadly, the mom's role in this story is all too true. As we've seen on the Blog the past couple weeks.

Merry Christmas, all!

It ain't all it's cracked up to be anymore. (They could probably sell reindeer roof poop on eBay.)

My sister sent me reindeer poop from Alaska for Christmas when I was 12. Oddly enough, I still love her.

Thanks for resharing one of my faves, Dave. Merry Christmas to the Barrys and all the bloglits, in any language that blows your dress up.

Omigod .... "ubetcha" .... with a sister in Alaska! No ..... no way ..... couldn't be....

My four-year old sister tried to get her older brother (me, six) to go out and look Santa right in the eye, despite our mother telling us that anyone who saw Santa would lose his presents.
She figured she would know for true and not lose anything.
She became a lawyer.

That was for sale around the social science building my son's Junior year.

Thanks for all the wonderful laughs you've provided over the years, Sir Blog! You are truly a treasure.

Merry Happy Have a Wonderful Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa New Year to one and all bloglits!

Stay safe & have a blast.

My mom and dad, bless them, refused to do this for us. I think it worked out for the better.

That's right. Dave keeps us all laughing. Merry Christmas Eve.

Steve, she was already a lawyer...only without the degree.

Dave, here's hoping you finally write a book next year!

(We can all dream, can't we?)

Here's the best video I've seen this year, so far:
SnapChat Christmas

Have joy, Dave, Judi, and Blogits!

Dave's a poet? Does he knowit?

Hope every one of you got what you wanted for Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa was very good to all of you.

Minnesota has extra snow. Write if you need some. And Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas! That is all.

Why are all of you up so early? Oh. Kids. I get it. Anyway, happy whatsoever. Dogs and bears, too. Maybe in 2014 you'll get Apple's new iClaw pad with the big scratch sensitive keyboard. Then you can post, too.

Clanky - Send the snow down here to Atlanta. We've had everything else in the last few weeks, might as well have some of that too.

What's all this talk about hos?

Merry Christmas from the NSA.

We have Chase as our bank and shopped at Target. Y'all have a much better chance of a good holiday than us this year.

Happy holiday of your choice. I'm off to take extra blood pressure medication.

Hand me some of the blood pressure medicine, NMUA. I have to attend another family dinner tonight.

You'd better not cry - Christmas, Manchester City-style.

I'm LTTG here, but I'm so stunned I just have to post. Dave, I swear I've never seen this poem before. I thought I had tracked down and memorized every golden word you ever produced, but there are depths yet unplumbed! Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever.

Peace, health, and good vibes to all of you, and yours, and theirs, unto the sixth degree of separation

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